Securing Host Peace of Mind: Happy Hoster’s Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Policy Sets Industry Standard

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Securing Host Peace of Mind: Happy Hoster’s Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Policy Sets Industry Standard

Enhancing Protection with Comprehensive Coverage for Airbnb Properties

Henderson, NV – May 21, 2024 ( – Happy Hoster, a prominent name in Airbnb property management, today announced the strengthening of its insurance policies to provide unparalleled protection for its hosts. The company’s upgraded insurance program, now boasting over $4 million in coverage, sets a new industry standard for property safety and financial security, ensuring that both property owners and their guests enjoy complete peace of mind.

At Happy Hoster, we understand the importance of security in property management,” said Kate Mikado, co-founder of Happy Hoster. “Our enhanced multi-million dollar insurance policy is designed to protect our hosts against a myriad of potential risks, ensuring that every booking is secure and every incident is covered.

Highlights of Happy Hoster’s upgraded insurance policy include:

Comprehensive Coverage: Protection against property damage, theft, and liability claims.
No Additional Cost: This enhanced coverage comes at no extra cost to the hosts, underlining Happy Hoster’s commitment to providing value.
Immediate Assistance: Fast response and support from Happy Hoster’s dedicated team in the event of an incident.
This move is more than just an upgrade—it’s a promise to our hosts that we stand behind our service with the highest level of protection available,” added Kate. “Knowing that our investments are securely protected allows us to focus on providing the best possible experience for our guests.

About Happy Hoster
Happy Hoster LLC is a leader in the Airbnb property management industry, based in Henderson, Nevada. Specializing in high-quality host services, Happy Hoster ensures that properties not only meet but exceed guest expectations. With a strong focus on host and guest satisfaction, Happy Hoster incorporates robust safety measures, cutting-edge technology, and customer-oriented service to maintain and enhance the value of the properties it manages. For hosts looking to secure their properties and investments without sacrificing guest experience, Happy Hoster offers a trusted and reliable solution.

Discover how Happy Hoster can become a hero in creating passive income with their property. Visit the website or book a 30-minute Happy Hoster Hero Session to learn more about partnership solutions that keep homes happy and bank accounts happier.

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